Cancer is no death wish-says survivor  

Cancer Survivor Roxanne Singh

Roxanne Singh a cancer survivor and mother of three girls is urging women who have been diagnosed with cancer to keep on fighting as she stressed that the disease is not death wish nor is it the end of the road.

She was a the time speaking at a lecture held at the Muneshwers Travel Agency office on Water Street, which was organised by the manager of the agency, Colin Changure on Thursday. 

Singh calls on women who have been diagnosed to stick to their treatment and appointments while keeping their faith in God.

Roxanne Sign explained that when she first felt a lump and subsequent pain in her breast she ignored the signs and continued her daily life.

Even after she decided to go and do several tests and was advised on a certain course of action by medical professionals, she again took a while before following through with those advise and, but eventually did.

She spoke of crying for days as she thought that it was the end of her life and that she would no longer be able to live and care for herself three daughters who she said she knew, she had to protect.

It was during her testimony that she called on women including those who have not been diagnosed with the disease to do regular self test and make checks to the doctors to ensure that the are not quietly and unknowingly nursing cancerous cells.

At yesterday’s event, the staff of the travel agency were also lectured to by two doctors including Dr. Sayan Chakraborty who are actively involved in the care and treatment of patients who have been diagnosed with cancer.

The lecture was not only restricted to the women in the room but also men who from time to time would develop prostate cancer.

It was noted that while the percentage of persons in these parts of the world are not affected as much with cancer like those in places like the United States and other countries, the mortality rate in this hemisphere is high given the lack of medical care and sometimes late detection of the disease.

The lectures highlighted the various stages and types of cancer coupled with the ages from which certain cancer cells are more likely to envelope.

At the conclusion of the event, the Travel agency made a donation of one airline ticket to a cancer patient (who is to be identified by the cancer institute) who is indeed of overseas medical intervention to treat the disease.

A donation was also made to the society to aid in its work. Tokens were also distributed to those present.