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By 2022, CH&PA investment on EBD would be approximately $28 Billion- Min. Croal

A block of land is being prepared for housing development on the East Bank Demerara (Guyana Chronicle photograph)

Minister Croal in addressing the dollars cents scope of works being done by his ministry along the East Bank Corridor said that within a few months’ time, several services provided by the Ministry of Housing and Water and Central Housing and Planning Authority will see marked improvements.

“The demand for housing is just the tip of the ice bar, other demands arise too.. for example, better roads, bridges, drains, and access to water among other amenities. We have completed, for example, the access bridge at Mocha which would be commissioned shortly and as we speak, close to GYD $7 Billion is being spent on the first phase infrastructure for the upgrade of existing access roads, access bridges, unserviced roads, pipe networks, drains, and culverts here on the East Bank” Minister Croal told a gathering at a recent house drive at Providence.

It was noted that similar infrastructure would be coming on stream at Plantation Golden Grove, Little and Great Diamond and what those are combined with the works mentioned earlier would see the Ministry of Housing spending close to $21.5 Billion to develop new housing areas on the East Bank Demerara. Further, the new concrete four-lane road from Eccles to Diamond would see that figure jumping to just about $28 billion should be between this year and next year’s projects for the East Bank Demerara.

“Drilling of new wells have begun right here in Providence two days ag, the drilling began and before the year is done another is expected to be dug or drilled in diamond and the water networks in several areas are expected to be upgraded… when completed, some of the communities here on the East Bank in our new housing areas will be benefiting from services for the first time as well as receiving improved services” Minister Croal explained during the recent event.

The Ministry of Housing and Water is also said to be working on improving the water treatment plants at Eccles, Coven Garden and Grove which would see extended coverage of improved and treated water and level of service in the surrounding communities.

Minister of Housing and Water Colin Croal has again pleaded with members of the public not to become engaged in any financial transactions at street corners, bottom house, and in anyone’s home as it relates to the sale and purchasing of lands.

He reminded that any transaction done by the Ministry or its agents is done at the official and registered officers of the Ministry of House/ Central Housing and Planning Authority or at well-publicized Dream Realise Housing Drives where official and authentic receipts are issued.

“Let me also use this opportunity to inform you that payments for house lots are only done at CH&PA… at the office or at events like these where official receipts are given. Payments are not done through third parties at street corners or anyone’s home. We are aware that they are unscrupulous persons who may want to trick you at your hard earn money” Croal said during a recent Dream Realise event held on the East Bank Demerara.