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Businesswoman’s vehicle torched

Businesswoman's vehicle torched

A Linden Region 10 Businesswoman was on Tuesday morning awoken from her slumber by a loud explosion which turn out to be her vehicle PRR 851 on fire.

Orleita John told BIG Smith News Watch that she was sleeping when she heard a loud explosion, as she got up and peered through her window, she observed that her vehicle which was parked over the creek where she has her shop was on fire.

The businesswoman related that she then ventured outside of her home and ran over to the vehicle which was already engulf. Shortly after, police and firefighters were seen coming to render assistance.

Prior to the fire, the woman reported that she saw someone in close proximity to the vehicle and shop she operates but she did not take it seriously, hence she retired to bed.

BIG Smith News Watch was told that the fire started sometime after 01:30 Tuesday morning. John said she lives on one the west bank of the Bamia Creek while the shop she operates is located on the west bank of the creek where she also parks her vehicle.

It was communicated that the vehicle which has a third party insurance was purchased six years ago. The woman asked if she had any issues with anyone but she denied knowing anyone or situation which could have caused a reaction to her property being damaged.

The police in Region 10 are continuing their investigations into the matter.