Businesswoman killed, some rescued and others missing in River mishap

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A river mishap in the vicinity Hogg island, in the Essequibo river on Monday evening has left one person confirmed dead, a number of others persons missing and three hospitalized after two boats collided in river while operating in the river after dark with poor lighting.

Confirmed dead is 54 year old Sherry Khan; a businesswoman of Suriname. She reportedly received injuries from the propeller of the boat she was in after herself and other passengers and luggage were flung over board following the impact of the two boats.

The other passengers are a business couple whose names were given as Milton Duke and Yalutine Homankirk of Greenwich Park East Bank Essequibo. Duke is said to be the owner of the boat. Both him a and his wife are warded at a Private City Hospital while a Brazilian National, Jaeva Viera Nun and another male passenger whose identity is not known at this time were taken to a state health facility where they are receiving medical attention. The boat Captain whose name was given as Devendra Singh is in police custody assisting with the investigations.

BIG Smith Crime Watch has been informed that there are still three persons who were in the boat that Devendra operating, who have not yet been accounted for while no clear indication has been given as to if outside of the captain, if the other boat which collided with them and speed off, had any passengers inside and if any of those passengers might also be missing.

Information indicates that Devendra was operating a wooden boat powered by a 150 horsepower engine when the incident took place. Police sources have indicated that they boat was heading to Buckhall, Essequibo River and while at a dark spot in the river, they felt an impact which later proved to be from that of a white fiberglass boat which collided with the side of Devendra’s operated boat, breaking it in the process and causing all the passengers and luggage to be tossed over boat.

That boat speed off and it took another boat which was passing shortly after to render assistance  and brought the passengers and captain to shore while a search was launched for the other known accounted persons and any possible individuals who may have been in the other boat.

The police and other persons are presently in the area, as they were all night last evening trying to locate the other missing persons. They are also hunting the boat which fled the accident scene and are calling on anyone in the area who is familiar with a white fiberglass boat to share the information with the police so that the boat can be examined for any possible damage consistent with a collision.

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