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Businessman killed in home invasion; four arrested

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Police in Essequibo, Region 2 on Friday evening arrested four persons following a home invasion that resulted in 48 year old businessman Sham Mannilall of Parcel 61, Queens Town, Essequibo being shot about four times as two bandits invaded his home during the course of a robbery.

BIG Smith News Watch was informed by police sources that the bandits who wore helmets to conceal their identities and armed with a cutlass and gun respectively, first attacked the businessman’s wife, causing her daughter to scream, raising an alarm.

According to what we were told, Mannilall was outside in the yard with one of his daughters while his wife was attempting to make her way through one of the doors when she was confronted by the two bandits.

The bandits pushed Mannilall’s wife into the house and demanded money from her, causing the other daughter to scream, that scream alerted Mannilall who rushed to see what was taking place and as he approached, the bandit who was carrying the gun, opened fire on him, hitting him several times.  He received injuries to his chest, shoulder and abdomen resulting in him falling to the ground.

The bandits then used that opportunity to make good their escape. Mannilall was picked up and rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The police arrived on the scene and commenced their investigations and within moments of starting, they moved to the homes of a number of persons which resulted in the arrest of a 27 year old labourer, 25 year old welder, 37 year old labourer and a 35 year old who is also a labourer.

The suspects were detained by the police for questioning and their fingers are expected to be swabbed for gun shot residue. The police have also recovered a cutlass and spent shell from the scene of the crime and confiscated a motorcycle which they removed from the home of one of those arrested in connection with the ongoing investigation.