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Burke calls on ‘Black People’ to bring government to a halt, create an International incident

Burke calls on 'Black People' to bring government to halt, create an International incident

Rickford Burke at right  as he appeared on ‘In The Ring’ Thursday night with host Sherrod Duncan at left

Calls were made for Afro-Guyanese to rise up and start a black revolution to resist the rule of the Peoples Progressive Party Civic Government and to make the country ungovernable through non-cooperation. The calls were made by overseas-based Guyanese Social Media Commentator Rickford Burke on Thursday night as he appeared as a guest on the Facebook program ‘In The Ring’ Hosted by APNU member of Parliament Sherrod Duncan.

Burke among other things during the program accused the PPP of having no respect for black people and stated that black leaders are being criminalized out of political revenge by former members and ministers of previous PPP administrations who were investigated for ‘crimes’ under the APNU government.

It was during the live Facebook Program that Rickford Burke suggested that the Peoples Progressive Party Civic Government is attempting to incite a civil war.

“They are provoking people and I hope that the international community is taking stock of what we are saying because when black people start to respond and I am questioning whether Bharrat Jagdeo, Anil Nandlal Irfaan Ali, and all these people who are working hard to incite a civil war, I wonder if they think they will survive if there is a civil war in Guyana.” Rickford Burke said during his appearance on the show.

Suggestions were also made by Burke for the country to be divided stating that there should be no more mincing of words as he accused the PPP of ‘hating black people’.

“They are not willing to co-exist in a country with us and so I think we must seriously start now to examine whether or not we should divide the country, I am saying academically we should examine the question of whether, since they don’t want to live in a country with us, since they don’t have any respect for us, they don’t think we are legitimate citizens of Guyana, they are conducting a war on Afro Guyanese,” Burke said very plainly.

“I think this is a time now for militancy(the use of confrontational or violent methods in support of a political or social cause) and a revolution(a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system) in Guyana we are not going to sit back and allow the PPP to enslave black people, it’s time black people rise up and fight back, they could say whatever they want to say” It was stated by the Social Media commentator told listeners on Thursday night.

Burke has also called for there to be a period of non-cooperation with the PPP at the level of constitutional commissions and civil society. He has suggested that the APNU members of the Elections Commission should all resign from that body in an effort to bring the PPP government to its knees.

“There should be no service commission in Guyana… absolutely none, bring everything to a halt, grind government to a halt, create an international incident, take the examples of the Venezuelans and the people from Belarus and the people from Sudan, bring this government to its knees.” Listeners were encouraged.

Burke concluded his comments by suggesting that it is not only the PPP who are the only bad people and gangsters.

“I want to say this, when the PPP does these things like what they did to Winston Jordan there must be serious consequences, I don’t care what it is, there must be serious consequences they must understand that they are not the only bad people and gangsters in the country the PPP must understand that, so until somebody gets run off the road or something to compensate for the things they are doing, they are going to keep doing it and I am not afraid to say this is a time that we have to challenge them back. They have been pushing us for too long and I want to tell them that the war that they are inciting, they might not survive it” the social commentator stressed.