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Broomes reportedly swept in corner as coalition’s re-election campaign moves forward

SIDELINED: Minister of Youth Affairs Simona Broomes 

Minister of Youth Affairs in the Ministry of the Presidency Simona Broomes has been kept at bay by the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change re-election campaigning committee.

Multiple sources in the coalition’s camp have confirmed to BIG Smith News Watch that Broomes has made no official public appearances during the ongoing campaign and is not likely to grace the stage of any of the coalition’s stages in the upcoming planned rallies.

Minister Simona Broomes is escorted into the Timehri Prisons last year where she visited and interacted with inmates

In-house sources have confirmed that Broomes was not present for the launch of the coalition’s election campaign at Durban Park several weeks ago but was present with the grouping on nomination day where her name appeared on their list of candidates.

In communication which publication is in possession of, outside of the campaign rally which the grouping is holding in Essequibo this evening, there are ten remaining major rallies but Simona Broomes has been swept clean from the list of speakers, including the one billed for her home town of Bartica on February 07, 2020.

Contacted earlier today for a comment on the absence of Broomes from the campaign stages, Campaign Manager of the Peoples National Congress Reform Amna Ally said that Broomes has not been pulled from the rallies or campaign trail and that she does not have the time to deal with ‘personalities’

“Why would we pull Simona Broomes from the Campaign Trail?……look bai, we have a list for speakers and we are working with that list, I ain’t got time to deal with personalities right now Leroy” Minister Amna Ally stated.

When the BIG Smith News Watch reached out to Minister Simona Broomes Wednesday afternoon for a comment on the development, she declined to comment and directed all questioned to the coalition’s campaign manager.

“I don’t have any comment to make on this issue at this time, please speak with the campaign manager of the coalition,” Broomes told BIG Smith News Watch when contacted.

Simona Broomes in Plastic City where she lobbied GPL on-behalf of residents for electricity supply

Broomes who rode into public office on a high note was first placed at the Ministry of Social Protection’s Department of Labour before being reassigned to the Ministry of Natural Resources as the minister within that ministry were moved to the Ministry of Natural Resources before yet another reassignment; this time to the Ministry of the Presidency where she received the title of Minister of Youth Affairs.

This Public has been reliably informed that since her reassignment to that position, Broomes has been functioning without a physical office and it was only three weeks ago that she granted space within the Ministry of the Presidency to conduct her government business. Prior to that, she has been meeting the public at her home and other places.