The Toyota Land Cruiser which the Commissioner of Police and his PAC were traveling in at the time of the accident

The force issued Land Cruiser which is assigned to the Commissioner of Police crashed with him inside.

According to what was communicated to the BIG Smith Crime Watch, Top Cop Leslie James, his Personal Assistant and his driver were in the vehicle at the time.

Sources have indicated that the crash took place along the East Bank Highway but while the commissioner who was seated in the back seat escaped unhurt, his personal assistant suffered some form of injury.

It is reported that the vehicle is damaged extensively as a result of the impact and that it might have occurred as another motorist failed to heed the sounds of siren which was on along with flashing lights at the time.

Commissioner of Police Leslie James was out of the country on travel duty and moments ago returned. He was on his way from the airport when the crash took place.

At this point it is unclear if the driver of the Commissioner of Police’s vehicle was injured or anyone else.

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