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BREAKING: Hicken and his deputy plucked from force on secondment

Move to Ministry of the Presidency; Assistant Commissioner Clifton Hicken

Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken has been reassigned to the Ministry of the Presidency’s Department of Citizenship on secondment.

Senior Superintendent Fizal Karimbaksh who work under Hicken has also been removed from the environments of the Guyana Police Force and is on secondment at the Civil Defense Commission.

Senior Superintendent Karim Baksh


BIG Smith News Watch was able to confirm the developments this morning and was informed that the officers received their respective letters on Tuesday evening.

The move can been seen as a shake-up within the Guyana Police Force since both Hicken and Karimbaksh worked together and were responsible for training of officers and other ranks. Hicken served as Assistant Commissioner Training and Baksh, as his deputy.

Over the last few months there have been a series of letters going back and forth between Deputy Commissioner Administration Paul Williams and the two officers on a number of issues.

Deputy Commissioner Paul Williams

It is unclear if the secondments have anything to do with the exchange of those letters, which have been talk of the force given their contents and the requests and directives being made by the Deputy Commissioners and the subsequent responses he has been receiving from his juniors.

Contacted this morning, Minister of Public Security Khemraj told BIG Smith News Watch that there are some challenges with respect to migration and immigration and the advice was that the Department of citizenship be strengthened.

“The commissioner has the right to move police officers anywhere he sees fit as part of the operational mandate of the police force and he has advised that Clifton Hicken is an extremely effective policeman and he would serve well at the Department of Citizenship where we are having all those problem”

Ramjattan said that it was further advised that Clifton Hicken was an extremely good and efficient police officer and that the important assistance required by the Department of Citizenship would do well with Hicken’s effectiveness.