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BREAKING: Body of birthday boy found in septic tank

This BIG Smith News Watch photo shows the septic tank the body was found in and the house in which the man lived with his friend.

The body of a 33-year old man, whose only name was given as ‘Anthony’, was found in a septic tank this morning at Belle West, West Bank Demerara.

His friends indicate that he was last seen on Tuesday evening when he celebrated his birthday with them and later left for his home.

It was reported to this publication that Anthony lived with someone else at a small wooded house but that person has not been seen much since Tuesday.

According to friends of the deceased, they returned to his house the following day ,Wednesday, but he was not there and his friend who lived with him was nowhere in sight.

However, later that evening, the friend was spotted and was asked about the whereabouts of Anthony; the friend said he left Anthony at home.

This morning after being hit by a stench, residents and friends of the deceased searched the yard and found a body in the septic tank, lying in a face down position and appeared to have been wrapped in a bed sheet.

The house where the two lived is locked.

Police detectives who moments ago arrived at the scene are presently questioning the friends of the deceased.

One neighbour of the young men said that they have been living at the house for a few months now after moving in together.

We were told by the neighbour that no strange sounds were heard at the home in question neither did anyone hear anything unusual.