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Brazilian consortium arrives tomorrow to explore Soybean and Corn cultivation

Brazilian consortium arrives tomorrow to explore Soybean and Corn cultivation

A consortium from Brazil is expected to arrive in Guyana tomorrow, Thursday, where they will begin negotiations with local partners as companies from the two countries begin to law the foundation for the cultivation of Soybean and Corn.

Global Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL) and Intelligent Business Network (IBN) has been sparing the engagements of the businesses between the two borders.

The partnership between the two sides will see the formation of a joint venture for the cultivation of Soybean and Corn in the intermediate savannahs.

Thursday’s arriving team from Brazil will include the investors and their technical engineers who are all expected to remain in Guyana for one week where site location visits and other engagements are among the itinery. The Guyana visit is part of a process to continue already advanced negotiations between the two sides.

At the proposed site for the project, the visiting team from Brazil is also expected to collect soil samples for analysis and prepare a work plan thereafter. The team is also expected to meet with officials from Go-Invest and the National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI).

Once the MOU between the two sides is signed, cultivation of the first crop will begin as early as the first quarter of 2022. Based on the communication from the partnership, the aim is to cultivate 1000 (one thousand) hectares of Soybean and Corn in the first year with plans of increasing that volume consistently.

Global Chambers of Business Leaders is focused on prioritizing activities that are aligned with the United Nations declared Decade of “Action which seeks to promote the importance of inclusion of Sustainable Development Goals in the business model of the future. This allows for our partners, members and participants to prepare their business to be vanguards of the future of business through global collaboration.” stated Suresh Ramkissoon, head of Intelligent Business Network.

Intelligent Business Network is a registered Guyanese business, linked to several business organizations and potential investors in Guyana and Brazil acting and has been acting as a bridge to promote business and create a soft landing for investors.

The delegate of GBCL to Guyana and IBN’s CEO Suresh Ramkissoon explained that they are conscious of the limited information available to farmers and investors who have an interest in Soybean and Corn crops.

IBN is therefore open and willing to share the available information to interested parties and show ways in which the crop can be cultivated in Guyana in a successful way.

Interested parties can reach out to IBN through WhatsApp +592 674-7914/ +592 621-5966 or email [email protected]