Boston shooting: No stone will be left unturned – Top Cop

“No stone will be left unturned,” Commissioner of Police Nigel Hoppie told the media on Wednesday minutes after the met with the family of Orin Boston who was shot on his bed on Wednesday morning by police.

“I have already instructed the Office for Professional Responsibility to commence an investigation immediately and I need a thorough investigation to be done,” the Top Cop said, “I am saying no stone must be left unturned in addressing this matter,” he maintained.

The Commissioner of Police along with Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum were on the ground in Dartmouth, Essequibo where protests erupted following the shooting. The man’s relatives maintained that he was shot in his sleep as his wife told the media, Boston did not have a chance to defend himself.

The Commissioner of Police would not say if the police would withdraw a statement it issued early in the day with conflicting details but would only say that the matter would be investigated. “The thing I am saying is that a comprehensive investigation into the matter will have to be done and all and sundry will be informed about the outcome of the matter when it is completed.”

The Commissioner added that “anyone found culpable,” will be dealt.