‘Boatman’ who slammed into a tree was returning home from a relative’s funeral.

The man who died in a boat accident in the Pomeroon on Sunday afternoon has been identified as twenty-year-old Raul Sandy, a resident from Dredge creek, Upper Pomeroon River. This publication understands that the twenty-year-old is a miner, who usually works in the interior.

Reports are that Sandy was killed in an accident within the Dredge Creek canal, around 12:30hrs this afternoon. Big Smith News Watch was reliably informed that at the time of the accident, the miner was the lone occupant of a wooden boat, which was being propelled by a 15hp outboard engine.

Allen Sandy, who is the father of the now deceased, said that his son was returning home from a funeral, when he met his demise. During an interview with Big Smith News Watch, the man said, “I was at my brother’s funeral service when I received the news. While we were taking the body out the creek somebody drive up and tell we how ‘Andre’ got crash in dredge creek canal.” The father said that when he arrived on the scene, the man’s boat was there, but his body was nowhere to be found.

Sources told this publication that Sandy, who was intoxicated at the time of his demise, lost control of the boat, and crashed into a tree along the bank of the canal. The man had reportedly sustained injuries to his face, and fell overboard.

His body was found some thirty-minutes later, and his face was in an advanced state of decomposition. His body was taken to the Oscar Joseph Hospital in Charity, where it was pronounced dead before being taken to the Onderneeming Morgue.