Blossom Inc working to curb social issues at Baramita

…Port Kaituma residents also benefit from human rights training sessions

Residents  of Baramita in the North West District  have benefitted from timely interventions in the form of training sessions aimed at addressing  gender based violence and child sexual abuse issues at the community.

The training was provided to more than 40 persons , including in excess of 25 Venezuelan migrants and coincided with Child Protection Week activities. The sessions were undertaken by Blossom Inc through support  provided by the United Nations High Commission on Refugee.

The workshops were conducted by Arlyne Ramdatt and Jose Solomon who are both Education and Awareness Officers attached to Blossom Inc.

Members of the Village council,  Community Support Officers , teachers, healthcare workers and police officers  and members of the business community.

At another workshop held at Port Kaituma Secondary school, in excess of 25 Venezualian migrants and about 15 local residents, inclusive of teachers, youths and  religion leaders were also trained in handling the social issues.

Officials of Blossom Inc and participants at a training sessions held at  in the North West District.


According to Ramdatt, the activities were all aimed at providing awareness, preventing and enhancing the reporting systems for gender based violence  and child sexual abuse.

Baramita has been plagued by social ills over the years but through efforts by Blossom Inc , the community’s residents are expected to benefit from social interventions geared at improving the social life there.

Blossom Inc officials met with the villages’ Deputy Tashao and members of the village council. Based on the interaction with the officials, it was noted that much work is need to help the youths and the community is seeing increased numbers of social ills, such as, delinquent behaviors, larceny, alcohol and drug abuse, teenage pregnancy and suicide.

Days before the training sessions , a teen committed suicide in the community and a  number of factors , including lack of birth registration documents , have prevented the residents from obtaining the necessary help. However, Blossom Inc noted that the village council is making efforts to address the issue.

Blossom Inc’s team will return to the village before year end to provide additional training sessions to youth and residents in the area.