Bisram recounts brazen robbery

Former murder accused, thirty-one-year-old, Marcus Bisram is trying to come to grips with what he described as a “brazen armed attack” by four men at his #71 Village, East Berbice Corentyne home on Sunday evening. On Monday afternoon, the police in a release said they are investigating the robbery of Bisram and about 10 others. Bisram was robbed of $ 5 million, US$2500, 2 gold bands valued at $2.8 million, 1 one gold chain valued at $1.4 million and six debit cards. The other persons was robbed of among other things, cell phones, cash and jewelry according to the release. 


In recounting the incident, Bisram said he had just finished a “hamper drive” on the Corentyne and was chatting with relatives when they were attacked. The robbers held a gun to his two- year- old cousin, the Bisram recounted as he said he complied with their demands, “I had to take them to my room because a 2-year-old cousin of mine was with me and they pointed the gun to his head while following me to my room,” Bisram said “they asked me for my jewelry which I gave to them, two gold bangles; and each one is over 700-carats of gold, they also carted off with a gold chain weighing 100 pennyweights,” he recounted. Bisram said the men weren’t pleased with the jewelry and demanded cash, for this, he said he could not resist and so he handed over money which he had with him for a few days as he was in the process of paying his lawyer fees for an ongoing court matter, “I recently made some transactions and took out the money, because my ongoing court matter started back, I only had the money with me for about a few days and no one close to me knew I had all that,” Bisram said. 


Prior to that, the incident unfolded with the men entering the yard and aiming their weapons at everyone. The men relieved everyone of their valuables, one of the robbers even dealt blows to one of the victims as he attempted to resist the robbery. Bisram explained that he usually had security with him, “for the past three months or so I hadn’t any, we usually lock our gates and dwell inside but because it was a lot of family members gathered, we didn’t think of locking the gates,” he said. The police have now obtained surveillance to aid in investigations. 


Bisram, was accused of the 2016 murder of a Corentyne carpenter and father of two, Faiyaz Narinedatt, who was a guest at Bisram’s birthday party on the night he was killed. Bisram, has been accused of being the mastermind of that murder. A police report had revealed that Bisram flew back overseas after the incident but was subsequently arrested and jailed in New York. After fighting several appeals at a US court, Bisram lost his extradition appeal to Guyana after the court ordered for him to be extradited following a denial of a rehearing of his appeal arguments and a motion to stay the extradition. Bisram was, however freed earlier this year after a the court found no sufficient evidence against him to stand trial.