Bisram is here; to be charged with murder by earliest Friday, latest Monday

In Guyana and soon to be charge: Marcus Bisram

United States base Guyanese and Murder accused Marcus Bisram has landed in Guyana. Bisram arrived in Guyana around midnight on Wednesday under escort from officers of the Major Crime Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department.

Bisramโ€™s return to Guyana was very much anticipated at least by law enforcement and the relatives of dead carpenter Faiyaz Narinedatt who Bisram is accused of ordering a hit on. It is being alleged that Bisram ordered the hit on the young man who refused some sexual advancements which were made towards him.

Deceased Faiyaz Narinedatt

The anticipation of Bisramโ€™s return was also one that his local attorney Dexter Todd was also looking forward to. In a press conference earlier this year, Todd stated that the local representatives of Bisram were eagerly awaiting his return in an effort to have the matter approach to the court so that his client can be cleared. Marcus Bisram to arrive in Guyana within hours ย 

Bisram was ordered extradited to Guyana but fought that court order through an appeal and lost. His failure to have the court throw out the initial extradition order paved the way for his return to Guyana.

Police sources indicated that Bisram who is presently at the Criminal Investigation Department was slated to arrive in Guyana since Tuesday evening but that did not happen.

BIG Smith Crime Watch has been informed that the young man would be processed for court and is likely to make that court appearance on Friday the earliest or Monday the latest.

Narinedatt was found dead on the Corentyne Berbice Public Road hours after he was escorted out of a party which Bisram was hosting in 2016 after he, Narinedatt reportedly began behaving disorderly.

Police initial reports had suggested that the man whose body bore marks of violence was the victim of a hit and run accident that but after some time, the police began treating the death as a homicide.

Since then, there have been several dramatic twists to the entire case including the charging of five persons for the murder and who are now committed to stand trial in the High Court for the murder coupled with two women being charged for bribery and attempting to pervert the course of justice. Bisram was charged in absentia for the murder of the young father of two.

Bisramโ€™s extradition to Guyana was possible given the existence of an extradition treaty which was signed between the United States and the UK several years before Guyana gained its independence from Great Britain.