Berbice youth remanded for killing cousin

A West Bank Berbice man was remanded to prison following his appearance at the Fort Wellington Magistrates’ Court on Friday. 26 year- old Rockey Harper of D’Edwards village West Bank Berbice was not required to plea to the charge when it was read to him by Magistrate Peter Hugh.

The allegation is that on Sunday last Harper murdered his cousin 25 year- old Reaz Mohamed while at a birthday celebration at their home. He has since confessed to the crime and told investigators that his cousin was the one who was armed with the knife. He says he took away the weapon and threatened his cousin who was injured accidentally.

However, the police said that the deceased was at a birthday celebration where he had consumed alcohol and began behaving in a disorderly manner causing the celebration to stop as he was breaking glasses.

As a result, his father cautioned him and he became annoyed and reportedly tried to fight his father. Upon seeing this a male who was present at the event tried to intervene and suddenly the cousin who was close by pulled out a knife and slit the deceased throat.

Following the incident, the Mohamed was picked up and rushed to the Fort Wellington Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The suspect turned himself in the following day.

Harper will make his next court appearance at the Blairmont Magistrates’ Court on March 02.