Berbice man dies, may have had alcohol and taken the COVID-19 vaccine

An East Canje Berbice family is shock at the death of their loved one who died after complaining of feeling unwell on Thursday.

Dead is 55 year old Devindra Bridgelall.

His wife 65 year old Netty Seenanand disclosed that the man left home to run errands. She was not sure where he went but said that she also left for work and returned home at about 18:00 hours where she met her husband who complained about feeling unwell.

The woman said the two ate dinner but moments later her husband informed her that he wanted to vomit. She said he gestured as though he was vomiting but nothing was coming out of his mouth.

“So my granddaughter told him that he got wind and he started to say owe rub my back, rub my back and he ah vomit but nothing nah come out so he told her to make some tea for him. By time that I heard something fall down like a bench or something and when I go I saw him on the ground shaking”

Those close by rushed to his aid and began assisting him recuperate. He was then rushed to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital and moments later, the man was pronounced dead.

Seenanand noted that her husband had no prior medical condition but would consume alcohol regularly. She related that she never had a reason to take her husband to the hospital but did so Saturday when she took him to get vaccinated against the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Big Smith News Watch understands that before taking the vaccine, the deceased was warned against using alcohol after being vaccinated “well me know that he does drink and smoke and that is his entertainment on the weekends because he does work all week and weekend he does drink and me tell the nurse them tell him he can drink and smoke so I told them to warn he” the wife added.

The deceased reportedly consumed alcohol for three days after being administered the COVID vaccine.

When contacted a medical doctor explained that all the vaccines which are being administrated have strict rules which patients are required to follow. In the case of Bridgelall, he was administered the Sinopharm vaccine.

Relatives are awaiting the result of a post mortem examination.