Bartica residents commit to supporting LCDS 2030

The consultation on the Government’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) 2030 was taken to Bartica, Region Seven on Saturday, May 28, 2021. The session was led by Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance Gail Teixeira and the lead coordinator of the LCDS Vanessa Benn.

Representatives from Bartica, Potaro Road, Dagg Point, Two Miles, Mora Camp, Kangaruma, Tassarena, River’s View, Sakaralla Bay, Agatash, Kartabo Village, Isseneru and Batavia came out in their numbers to be informed about the updated strategy and how they can play roles in building the low carbon economy.

Dhaness Larson, a resident of Isseneru requested that more consultations be done, so that residents become familiar with the LCDS 2030, and will be better able to become involved.

The residents displayed an interest in getting to know more about the LCDS 2030 and promised to get involved in future consultations. According to radio announcer Brad DeSouza, residents can begin simple changes to contribute to the Government’s plan for a low carbon economy. “We can reduce climate change by turning off our lights and water when not in use, stop polluting the environment and recycle items,” he said.

Minister Teixeira encouraged the residents that “information is power,” and that they can get involved in the country’s development by becoming familiar with the LCDS 2030 and gathering the necessary information needed to become a part of the development.

She pointed out that through the LCDS 2030, the many resources in Guyana will be used to provide benefits for all Guyanese.  Further, she stated, “We have one of the best forestry management programs in the world.”

The Minister and Lead Coordinator also encouraged the representatives to keep their community members updated on the LCDS 2030, by sharing what they learned from the session.

They urged the residents as well as all Guyanese to reach out to the LCDS team and share their views, suggestions and ideas at [email protected].