Bandits terrorise Lamaha Springs family

(One of the bedroom doors)

Bandits broke in and terrorised a family at their Essequibo Street, Lamaha Springs home in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. The three masked men apparently gained entry into the home by picking the locks of the main door, they then produced to smash two bedroom doors with the aim of getting any valuables.

Speaking to this publication, writer and filmmaker Rae Wiltshire said that the men carted off a number of items including his Acer-Concept D laptop valued at some US$2000, hard drives, a canon camera and phones from both him and his brother.

Wiltshire described the ordeal as traumatic as he recalled the bandits demand for cash and jewelry, none of which he said the family had. He said that he had woken up just around 3:50hrs after hearing strange footsteps in the house. Soon after, the man said that his bedroom door, “flew open”, they came off the hinges, he told us.

(Stolen Laptop)

He said the men made their demands and then proceeded to his brother’s room, where the door was smashed in.

This is not the first time the family has been robbed. Two years ago thieves broke into their home. This is the first time, the family came face to face with the bandits Wiltshire said.

Wiltshire who is a film maker explained that the loss of the laptop is a severe blow to livelihood as he had countless projects on his drives and need his laptop for his work.

A report has been made to the police.