Bandits cart off $58 million in cash and gold

Bandits committed a daring robbery on Wallison Enterprise located at Lot 23 Gordon Street Kitty Georgetown and escaped with some $58 million in cash and gold.

On Thursday the police in a press release said that the three mask wearing, gun-toting men escaped with $38 million in cash and some $20 million worth of gold.

Two surveillance videos showed the men entering the establishment at different times. The first man seemed to have been conducting business while two persons entered shortly after each other, seemingly to also conduct business.

The Police said the men arrived in a white car which was parked north of the building. The men told the security they were there to “sell gold.”

The men entered the waiting area where they spoke to the cashier and showed her a small package which they claimed contained gold to sell, the police said.

“Immediately after they drew their firearms from their pants waist pointed it at her and ordered her into an office where the money and gold were secured. At the time the other victim and another man were in the said office and they were held at gun point.”

The staffers were handcuffed with plastic straps, the police said as the men then relieved them of their phones, the money and gold.

The men then made good their escape. Late on Thursday afternoon, the police said that the security guard is in custody assisting with investigations.