Badal promises to be president ‘without a salary’

Michael Rodrigues also known as Guyanese critic and Businessman and Presidential hopeful Robert Badal during their live Facebook broadcast on Tuesday morning 

Presidential hopeful and businessman Robert Badal who has presidential aspirations this morning stated that if he is elected as president of Guyana he will not be taking a salary.

Badal who was being asked about his plans to get involved into politics after being such a major financier to the APNU+AFC coalition government stated that he has his own money. Robert Badal is the presidential candidate for the newel formed political party ‘Change Guyana.

“If I become president I will not be accepting a salary, I have my own money; I can assure you of that” Badal stated in a live Facebook Interview on Tuesday morning.

Robert Badal who has the majority shares in the Guyana Stock Feed Limited and is also the owner of the Pegasus Hotel said that he has been helping the average men and women over the years and that one of his plans to get into politics is to ensure that the living standards of persons from the two main political party’s base. He proposes a minimum wage of one Hundred Thousand Guyana Dollars.

Recent reports in the press had suggested that Robert Badal’s decision to enter polices had to do with his secure a certain amount of concession for expansion works which are ongoing at his hotel.

Questions were also raised about the businessman’s handling of the affairs of the Guyana Power and Light Inc. a public company for which he sat at the helm of it board before parting ways with the entity.

The management of GPL under Badal’s stewardship was frowned upon by citizens who felt that they were being plagued by more blackouts than ever before, Badal in his Tuesday morning interview related that he brought tremendous positive change to the Guyana Power and Light.

Badal has since denied those claimed. During his interview on Tuesday, he also knocked the opposition and government on policies ranging from infrastructure to economics over the last few years.

The comments of Badal that the minimum wage to public servants once his party is elected to office, would not be the first time that citizens are being promised that amount of money as a minimum wage by a party seeking election to office.