Bachelor’s Adventure man found with stab wounds

Relatives of 23 year old Keith Andrews Willis are questioning what could have led to his untimely demise. The body of the father of one was discovered in Bachelor’s Adventure, some corners away from his home on Monday morning

His brother Yanick Willis confirmed that his body bore wounds, “he has more than one stab wounds, one in his back, the rest I cannot say…” Willis told this publication. The man would have left his home to visit the home of the mother of his child on Sunday afternoon, his mother Seema Sookra said.

The woman who was inconsolable at the time recalled her son leaving the home. It was this morning that some persons alerted the family of a body lying on the road. Sookra explained that her son helped her in the home.

Asked if she knew what could have led to anyone harming her son, she said her son was peaceful and friendly, “I dont know anything,” she sobbed.

Willis leaves to mourn a one year old daughter, his mother and three siblings.