Au Moyeu – A storefront for small businesses

A young, budding lawyer is looking to engage her entrepreneurial side by helping other young entrepreneurs in the business realm through the opening of her new store.

Au Moyeu, which is French for ‘At the Hub’, is the name of the new store owned and operated by University of Bedforshire law student Dominique Clarke.

The business was officially opened on May 1.

Clarke explained that her business’ main purpose is to supply a physical pickup location for other entrepreneurs. “Au Moyeu serves as a storefront for small businesses without a storefront as well as businesses that are looking to expand their business reach with multiple storefronts,” Clarke noted.

She also added that Au Moyeu will provide two main services. “The two services we will provide will be shelving and pick up inclusive of a refrigeration option,” she said.

The 22-year-old said that her inspiration came from a desire to genuinely help young businessmen and women who are having issues with making profit from their business because of the hefty prices that they may have to pay for delivery services.

Her business, she says, will eliminate such an obstacle. “I [was inspired] by the noticeable increase in online businesses with owners who balance being young entrepreneurs with full time jobs, family life and being university students as well,” Clarke explained.

The business law student expressed her belief that in the business sector, there are few opportunities offered for young entrepreneurs to have their products displayed in malls and stores in Guyana. Thus, the implementation of her physical store will provide that opportunity at an affordable price.

“The cost of a convenient storefront location in Georgetown can be deemed as a steep for a young business owner and can be a deterrent to the zeal behind the business. [My business] aims to relieve that pressure by offering affordable and realistic prices…allowing clients to
boost their sales whilst maintaining ideal and professional standards,”
Clarke detailed.

When asked how she is able to balance a full-time job, pursuing her master’s degree and managing her own business, Clarke highlighted that the long-term benefits that will be garnered from her venture is what gives her the motivation to efficiently divide her time and resources to manage the various aspects of her life.

“…This venture offers me the opportunity to effectively put the principles and theories I have studied and those I am currently studying into practice,” she mentioned.

The Alberttown resident indicated that the contents of the store will always seek to be diverse, and although its aim is to focus on mostly young business owners, all entrepreneurs are invited to partner. “I am happy to be able to give young business owners the chance to grow their individual businesses, but everyone is welcome to bring their products at the store and
we can easily find ways to collaborate,” Clarke noted.

Clarke’s business, which is located at Tower Suites, will first house 13 businesses of all facets, including one tour guide service. The store, however, will still have space to accommodate more young entrepreneurs and their products. “Au Moyeu is a small business, fully furnished by small businesses and houses small businesses,” she said.

Feel free to contact Dominique Clarke at 678-6299.