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Arsonist(s) targets Human Rights Centre in Georgetown

Arsonist(s) targets Human Rights Centre in Georgetown

The damage Human Rights Centre in Georgetownย 

Sometime early on Sunday morning, arsonist(s) turned their attention to the headquarters of the Human Rights Centre located on Austin Place and Hadfield Street in Georgetown. While the incident reportedly took place in the early hours of Sunday morning, it was only reported to the police sometime after 14:00hrs today.

During a late-night visit to the location on Sunday evening, BIG Smith News Watch observed that whatever was used in the attempt to torch the building was directed to the main entrance. The front door of the Centre was scorched.

This is just one of several facilities over the last few weeks which have been either torched or had attempts made to torch them. Among them were the A police Criminal Investigations Building, A Guyana Defence Force facility, a GECOM office in Linden, and as recent as last week, the Suriname Embassy which the police are been completely silent on.

There have been a number of individuals using their social media platforms to call for fires to be set or insinuating that fires should be set to buildings across the country. Just last week a man was charged and placed before the courts for the fires to the army and police facilities.

So far the police neither the Guyana Fire Service have come forward to say if these fires based on their initial investigations are in any way related to the tense political atmosphere which currently exists in Guyana