Arrow Oilfield Services Inc. debunks allegations of misconduct

Arrow Oilfield Services Inc.  (AOSI) in a statement on Thursday has debunked claims that it is a foreign owned company and that it has used quotations from other companies to win a local contract. The company was responding to an article published in a daily newspaper under the headline ‘Local company lodges complains over ‘unfair practices’ by foreigners.’

The article alleged that AOSI represented itself as a foreign company and also won a contract using documents from Universal Group of Companies Inc.

AOSI noted that it is a Guyanese company with 44 local employees. Further, the company stated that it “has never been involved in any ‘bid sponsor impersonation.’ Providing details of what transpired, AOSI said it reached out to Universal Group of Companies Inc. in 2018 seeking a quote for janitorial services but was met with a response that the company does not provide quotations.

As such, the company said it submitted a proposal without a quotation from Universal since the deadline was quickly approaching for said submission.

According to AOSI, it continued to engage Universal on many occasions and even offered free training to staff of that company.

Going forward, the company said it remains committed to providing an excellent service while maintaining local industry standards and professional conduct.

AOSI was established in August 2017 and provides a range of maintenance, procurement, management, distribution and other services.