Apology to Claire Jarvis, Vesta Adams, Michael Somersall

BREAKING: Preliminary Inquiries in criminal matters to be abolished- Nandlall

Big Smith News Watch whole heartedly apologises to Claire Jarvis, Vesta Adams, Michael Somersall for causing them shame, ridicule and embarrassment.

Their names were inadvertently published in an article, “High Court rules President Ali immune from suit,” in September, 2021.

The article has since been amended, correcting the error.

We, the management of Big Smith News Watch, prides ourselves in disseminating articles that reflect truth and accuracy.

Therefore, we view our actions as a transgression of our values and ethics.

To Claire Jarvis, Vesta Adams and Michael Somersall, we apologise for causing you distress and hope that this apology can begin to repair any damage done to your reputation. We stand here with hands extended, willing to work with you on a way forward.