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APNU+AFC and PPP councilors take oath office in Region 6

APNU+AFC and PPP councilors take oath office in Region 6

The councilors from the two opposing sides share a photo opportunity with their Regional Chairman

Almost eight weeks after the declaration of the General and Regional Elections, the swearing-in of Regional Chairpersons, Regional Vice-chairperson and councilors, across the country, was held on Monday.

In Region Six, David Armogan, who has been serving as Regional Chairman for over eight years, was once again re-elected Chairman of the Regional Democratic Council, and Zamal Hussain, who held the position of Head of the Regional Health Committee previously, was nominated and elected Vice Chairman.

The swearing-in was held at the St. Francis Community Developers building in Rose Hall Town, Corentyne, Berbice.

Shurla Scott and Deonarine Basdeo were nominated by members of the Coalition but lost, as Armogan and Hussain both secured 20 votes each to secure the spots of leading the 30-man council.

Sheriann Beharry was elected to head theย Regional Health Committee as well as the National Events Committee. Zamal Hussain, Vice Chairman, was assigned to head the Local Government Committee, while Armogan will be heading the Agriculture, Drainage and Irrigation Committee, which had always been the responsibility of the Regional Chairman.

Thirty members took the oath earlier on Monday, to serve and ensure vast development across Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) and agreed to work along with the Regional Administration to make possible the enhancement and development for a better living in every possible aspect for residents.

Armogan noted that he is pleased to work with the new councilors, and is optimistic that by the end of 2025, Region Six will become the most improved region, as they will commence various projects shortly.

Regional Vice Chairman Zamal Hussain noted that he will fulfill the role given to him and will stand committed, and deliver on what is expected of him from the people of Region Six.

โ€œI am proud to be working with the Regional Chairman and all other councilors who are part of this dynamic team. Iโ€™m aware that I can only carry out my duties as vice chairman with the help of the newly-elected members of the Regional Democratic Council to ensure a better life for our people.โ€

He urged all members of the council to continue their efforts and work to ensure unity prevails, which is main the key for success and greater development within the Region, and also noted that they will serve the people with loyalty, professionalism and humility.

The Peopleโ€™s Progressive Partyโ€™s list of councilors is as follows: David Permaul Armogan, Zamal Hussain, Dennis Deoroop, Kumar Ketwaroo, Wajid Khan, Vincent Loncke, Shenelly Matheson, Kristinaq Mootoosammy, Eshwar Narinesammy, Lloyd Peneux, Thakur Persaud, Suraj Persaud, Subhan Ali Haseef Yusuf, Erwin Abdullah, Doreen Alpine, Gloria Patricia Beharry, Sheriann Beharry, Carllus Bruce Causeway and Elizabeth Cornelius

The APNU/AFC list of councilors is: Deonarine Basdeo, Vera Veronica Gooding-France, Leon Alphonso Hunte, Collin Moore, Shurla Scott, Shaun Smith. Bridget Chichester, Camille Loretta Cox, Alicia Cecilia Dick and Milisa Abeola Fraser.