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Another illegal gun taken off the streets

The weapon and rounds found by the police 

Police in Regional Division 4-A on Sunday night managed the rid the streets of yet another illegal firearm as they swooped down in Tucville, Georgetown, and carried out an operation.

The intelligence-led operation resulted in the discovery of one .32 Taurus Pistol with matching ammunition. The serial number of the weapon was also filed off.

It was reported that at approximately 23:00 hours, a party of policemen visited a multi-occupancy compound in Tucville looking for Rahiem Marks who is wanted by the police in connection with discharging a loaded firearm with intent.

As the police arrived at the location, the suspect was spotted and after seeing the police, he retreated into a building and the police went after him.

Rahiem then removed a gun from the waist of his pants and dropped it on the floor as he began running from the police and eventually made good his escape.

The weapon was picked up by the police and taken to the station where it was marked sealed and lodged for safekeeping. The investigations are ongoing.