American Airlines flight delayed thrice, passengers left ‘high and dry’ at CJIA

The repeated postponement of an American Airlines flight to Miami, Florida has left several passengers stranded at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri, since Sunday morning without any proper explanation.

The passengers were told that “bad weather” caused the delay in their flight.

One passenger who travelled all the way from Region Six, explained that the flight was initially expected to leave Guyana on Tuesday, August 03, but was cancelled to Sunday at 03:00h. However, after leaving home at midnight on Saturday to get to the airport on time, the flight was postponed to 17:00h on Sunday and again to 23:00h.

A further check online showed that the flight AA0490 was delayed to 07:11h on Monday and this was confirmed with airport officials.

The irate passenger outlined that “persons who do not live here, are running out of money and food and need to get back to work in the US.” The airline has not provided accommodation for the persons who will be stuck at the airport for another night.

“They not putting us up at a hotel or telling us anything,” she said. She added that “some people went and lay on their bags and some went to Lotus area.”

Passengers were also forced to repeat their COVID-19 PCR tests which are required to travel.

But the Big Smith News Watch understands that there has been a mechanical issue with the aircraft. In addition, this news entity has learnt that it is a common occurrence for the Airline which is handled by Roraima Airways in Guyana, to postpone flights weekly.