Alves not returning as Crime Chief; new one to be announced soon- Top Cop

ON SUSPENSION:  Crime Chief, Deputy Commissioner Alves

Commissioner of Police Leslie James this afternoon noted that a decision will soon be made if the country’s acting Crime Chief Senior Superintendent Michael Kingston would be confirmed as the country’s substantive Crime Chief or if another person would be appointed.

James was at the time responding to questions from the press as it relates to the return or not, of Deputy Commissioner Lyndon Alves who is currently on administrative leave.

“Mr. Alves is on Administrative Leave and I can say to you that is likely to lead him straight into retirement” James told the media on Friday afternoon.

James who has stated that the force was dealing with some ‘administrative issues’ when pressed for clarity on the position of Alves, then quantify his statement by stating the following.

“I just said to you the decision was made that he would remain on leave into his retirement”

Asked who would be assuming the substantive role as Crime Chief, Commissioner James had this to say.

‘Well you know there is a current acting Crime Chief, very soon a decision will be made whether to confirm the current acting Crime Chief as Crime Chief or weather to have another person put in place but that decision would be made very soon”

Deputy Commissioner Alves has been off the job several months now after the police force was hit with a scandal where a number of junior ranks accused him of sheltering some known characters and also has a number of ranks within the organisation conducting a number of operations which were not in keeping with the SOPs of the force.

After repeated reports which were being ignored by the force administration, a senior government official was informed and a decision was made to send the Deputy Commissioner of Police on leave.