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Almost $400M signed in contracts for upgrade of Agriculture sector

This is to “ensure contracts are fulfilled in the stipulated times”, Agri minister says

Five companies signed several contracts totaling some $398M in an effort to significantly expand and upgrade Guyana’s agricultural sector.
In his brief remarks on Wednesday, Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha urged the signees to ensure that the work they are required to do is done with their best foot forward.
Making specific reference to the access roads to be built by one of the contractors present at the signing, the minister said that the growth of the soya and corn crop industry is dependent on such infrastructure.
“We will be doing the infrastructural work, and there are roads that will have to be built…so today we will be awarding a contract for 18.5KM of roads in the intermediate savannahs [where the new crops are being planted],” Minister Mustapha explained.
Mustapha highlighted that it is extremely important for the newly contracted companies, such as Farm Supplies Limited and Memorex Enterprise, to hold up their end of the bargain within the time frames as stipulated by the contracts.
Farm Supplies Limited, Memorex Enterprise, Western Scientific Company Limited, Castilho Engenharia Incorporated and Meditron Incorporated all signed contracts on Wednesday.