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Alleged fractured minister/ PS relationship plagued Amerindian Affairs Ministry

An alleged fractured relationship between Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai and now embattled Permanent Secretary Sharon Hicks has been affecting the programs and day to day running of that ministry multiple sources within the ministry has stated.

BIG Smith News Watch was told that when Hicks was recommended for the job as Permanent Secretary, Minister Pauline Sukhai was one of the person who supported the appointment but somewhere along the line, things reportedly went south between the two officials

Speaking under the cloak of anonymity, employees at the ministry suggested that Hicks of late, was reportedly not receiving the full support of the minister and many duties which are assigned to her, Hicks, were being executed by the Deputy Permanent Secretary.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that there was at least one circular which staff received that pointed to the fact that Hicks was no longer the functioning Permanent Secretary of the ministry, nevertheless, Hicks continued to show up for work.

One staffer indicated that a close relative of the Minister who is not employed by the Ministry has been issued a ministry registered vehicle on a full-time basis and this was among the concerns raised by Hicks with the minister who reportedly did not take kindly to it.

Sharon Hicks is now the subject of a police investigation after she was reportedly found to be in possession of marked currency which were part of a police sting operation after a contractor who works for the ministry, reported that she has been demanding money by menace from him.

Permanent Secretaries are appointed by the president and are responsible for the day to day running of the ministries and manage the spending, movable and immovable assets and resources at those agencies.