Allegations of abuse by teachers at a senior school gain public attention

A senior high school in the city is under spotlight after former and current students have accused teachers of neglect and verbal and emotional abuse. An anonymous post made on social media detailed instances of such abuse, “[There] are teachers engaging in the same bullying you would expect from teens in the school,” the post read. It highlighted  derogatory terms used to describe students particularly the females. That same post, detailed teachers being called out for their alleged “neglect” of the students’ wellbeing and mental health. Among the accusations is that teachers threatened to “send” students to “crazy people institutions” among other allegations.

The school has also been accused of making decisions that could fuel an ethnic divide, as it has been alleged that  some students have been allowed with hairstyles deemed unacceptable by other students. There is also an allegation of a teacher flashing a gun at a student.


The school’s old students body issued a statement on Wednesday acknowledging the concerns, “We recognize that many of the stories shared, have now found an outlet, which is free from fear and perceived retribution”, the association said. It has condemned the alleged actions of the teachers as expressed its hope for “transformation, mediation and reformation”.
The body plans to issue an official letter to the Head Teacher and the Ministry of Education with the aim of seeking an intervention.

Asked for a comment, the Head Teacher of the school declined to give such. Efforts to contact the Minister of Education concerning the matter also proved to be futile.