All-Women Community Policing Group launched at Better Hope

Women in Better Hope on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD) have taken the lead to make their community a safer place by forming the fourteenth all-female Community Policing Group (CPG) in the country. The new group was launched on Monday by the National CPG with a total of 39 members.

In a statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs, it was disclosed that there are other all-female CPGs spread across the ten administrative regions with a total of two hundred and fifty (250) members.

Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ms. Mae Toussaint Jr. Thomas, who officiated the new group, charged the ladies to at all times be professional, build trust in the community, enhance the relationship between the Police and the community and encourage community partnerships while being agents for change, conflict resolution and problem-solving. She noted, this will significantly improve the flow of information between the Police and the public, which will help in preventing and solving crimes, thus creating a safer and more secure community.

Mr. Rishi Das, Head of the CPG, also encouraged them to stay true to the agency’s mandate to always be “fair, friendly and firm” in carrying out their duties. He stated, “this duty requires you to deal with persons from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Often, it may be someone you know or that you are close to, be impartial and stay committed to the mandate and your new areas of responsibility.”

Further, since the relaunch of the CPG on October 26, 2020, by Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Robeson Benn, there are now two hundred and ninety-nine (299) active Community Policing Groups consisting of five thousand, one hundred and seventy-two (5,172) members countrywide. These would include new groups as well as the resuscitation of dormant ones. Among the groups, sixty-seven (67) is located in Hinterland areas, such as Arakaka, Oronoque, Fauls Top, 4-Miles (Port- Kaituma), Annai, Toka, Karasabai, Shulinab, Sand-Creek, Shea (Rupununi), Rincon, Karaburi, Mora, Waramuri (Muruca) Yarakita, Tobago, Imbortero, Bunbury, Whitewater (Mabaruma). Together they have a membership of one thousand, one hundred and fifteen (1115).

The CPG is also responsible for establishing thirty-five (35) youth groups countrywide with a membership of one thousand and one (1001).