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Agri Ministry flushes urgent help into Blackbush Polder

Residents of Blackbush Polder residents flock the Agri Ministry team to vent their frustration with flooding

Cash Crop Farmers have been hit hard with losses due to constant heavy rainfall over the last two weeks in the Black Bush Polder area, Corentyne Berbice. Relief was however brought their way on Tuesday when Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha and team visited Region 6.

Machine to effect immediate drainage works were deployed to the area as residents Express frustration with poor drainage in their communities. This prompted the minister and team to conduct a site visit.

Teams from the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) and the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) were instructed to make their way into the area and conduct a survey to ascertain the extent of losses by each farmers with a view of providing them with assistance to restart their farming activities.

Mustapha committed to ensuring a 24hrs drainage arrangement in the area that includes full operation of the sluice and pumps. This is also expected to provide employment for persons right in the communities.

Agri Ministry flushes urgent help into Blackbush Polder
Minister Mustapha explains the plans for the affected area to a resident

“I have instructed NDIA to send in some emergency machinery so that we can clean because the residents complained about a number of areas that need proper drainage so we will start by cleaning the back drains and front drains in places like Johanna and Yakasari.”  the minister.

He noted that four machines will be sent into the polders to execute works and will only be removed when all the works are done.

“Hopefully within the next two days we can have the water drained from the area but as I said I will be putting these work in place so that we can have long term value, in terms of these drainage and irrigation in the community.”  stated Mustapha.

Agri Ministry flushes urgent help into Blackbush Polder
A resident makes her plea for help

Cash Crop Farmer 52 year old Anita Mohabir of Yakasari said she estimated her losses to be close to $100,000 with the flood waters damaging her crops such as squash, pepper and some livestock.