Accused pleads guilty to killing businessman on Republic Day 2013  

(Murder accused Devon Thomas)

Devon Thomas, 28, pleaded guilty to the offence of manslaughter when he appeared before Justice Jo Ann Barlow at the Demerara High Court on Monday.

Initially indicted for the February 23, 2013 murder of Enterprise, East Coast Demerara businessman, Kumar Mohabir, Thomas opted to plead guilty to the lesser count. Sentencing for the confessed killer has been deferred to November 11.

(DEAD: Kumar Mohabir)

According to reports, a group of drunken men who were armed with bottles attacked Mohabir after he went to collect a tent he had rented to his neighbours for Republic Day celebrations at Vlissengen Road in Georgetown. The injured man died while receiving treatment at the hospital.

 (Acquitted: Randy Isaacs)

In July, Thomas and 25-year-old Randy Isaacs were jointly indicted for Kumar’s murder. Following a trial, however, Isaacs was found not guilty by a 12-member jury, while the jury was unable to arrive at a verdict for Thomas. As such, Thomas was remanded to prison pending another trial.