Abuser walks after woman offers no evidence

Abuser is back! more blows, child injured after woman drops charges

A policeman who battered a 29-year-old mother of two walked away from the court on Monday morning. The matter was dismissed when the mother of two, offered no evidence against Sereste Brittlebank. Brittlebank appeared at Vigilance Magistrate’s Court.

In July, Lavina Williams who consented to sharing her story said she was fearful for her life after being beaten by Brittlebank. The woman showed up extensive injuries following a beating from Brittlebank.

Williams had recalled the events surronding the beating. She told this publication that grilled a friend of Brittlebank about calling him out of his home late at nights under the pretext that he needed to be at the station when in fact the arrangement is usually to have him meet with a woman who lives behind the police station.

Brittlebank overheard the conversation, she said, and accused Williams of embarrassing him in front of his friends. He then grabbed her and began slapping and cuffing her about her body. The beating started at the Chico Ram Gas Station at Coldigen where the party was being held and ended at their home a short distance away.

“He put me in the car and while we were coming down the dam, he started beating me in the car, he stopped the car and started beating me and I got blackout… I recall waking up back and just instinctively feeling for something in the car to defend myself because he was still beating me and my hand land on a hammer and hit him on his head and from there it started to get worst,” Williams told us in July.

Williams told us she blacked out and regained consciousness while the vehicle was turning into their driveway. As she regained consciousness, the beating again started and continued until she managed to slip out of the vehicle went to her back step where she attempted to go into the house, there another round of blows started and she blacked out once more.

The woman said after she regained consciousness she managed to scale the fence and went over by her neighbor for help but by then, Brittlebank who was inside their house emerged and came looking for her again. The neighbor attempted to intervene but the abusive policeman said that everything was ok and the neighbor returned to his home.

Police constable batters reputed wife then goes into hiding
The level of battery that Williams received from Brittlebank

In July, a tramatised Willimas said the police man took her to the back of the house and began beating her again and she for the fourth time passed out. When she woke up back, Brittlebank was kicking her in her head, back and belly. He picked up a shovel and last her to her side and when he raised it again, she held onto his feet and pleaded with him not to kill her.

“I scramble onto his foot and said please don’t do this I have two children to live for, you said you love me why you doing this to me and he said you playing a who$e and he started kicking and stomping me and said everting gon done tonight… same time I screaming for my daughter and she opened the door and I told her to call granny, call uncle and call 911.. he then scramble me and choke me and I got blacked out again (for the fifth time),” Williams told this publication in July.

This publication understands that there is a protection order against Brittlebank in place but that the couple had rekinkled their relationship for quit some time. Today, persons at the court said the officer left the court laughing accompanied by Williams.