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Abuser killed in fight with reputed wife’s brother-in-law

Abuser killed in fight with reputed wife's brother-in-law

A man was stabbed to death just after 00:00hrs Tuesday morning on Mandela Avenue during a fight with the brother-in-law of the woman he was consistently abusing. Late on Monday night, the abused woman had gone to her sister and her brother-in-law Hakeim Hazel to seek refuge from one of the customary abusing episodes at the hands of her reputed husband Leslie Sobers.

25-year-old City Constabulary employee Lester Sobers and his reputed wife Sabrina Joseph resided at 510 Block ‘X’ A field, Sophia.

After being abused at their home on Monday night, Joseph left and went to her sister’s business place on Mandela Avenue. Sobers reportedly showed up at the location and began threatening to kill Joseph. Joseph then went to East La Penitence Police Station where she made a report.

Upon returning to her sister’s business place, Sobers also showed up again, having earlier left. This time, he started verbally abusing Joseph while armed with a cutlass. Akeim Hazel warned Sobers to desist from such behavior and to remove himself from their business premises.

Lester Sobers then left, returned with his brother on a motorcycle, and they began abusing Sobers, her sister, and her sister’s husband Akeim Hazel.

Once again; Hazel asked Sobers to desist but the practice and Sobers then dismount the motorcycle and lashed Hazel across the head with the cutlass. A fight ensued and Sobers was stabbed and died on the spot. He is reported to have been stabbed once to the chest.

When the police and EMTs arrived at the scene, his body was examined. The police also removed a knife from the scene. Akeim is assisting the police with their investigations.