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Abuser is back! more blows, child injured after woman drops charges

Abuser is back! more blows, child injured after woman drops charges

Interdicted Police Constable Sereste Brittlebank is back, back with his reputed wife Lavina Williams, back at sharing blows and back to going into hiding after battering the woman and traumatizing her children and injuring at least one of them in the process of him Brittlebank going berserk.

Lavina Williams reached out for the second time to Non-Governmental Organisation You Are Not Alone (YANA) Headed by Melissa Atwell to report that she was again abused by the hands of Brittlebank and in this instance, the man who was at the time driving her vehicle, ran it into a utility pole as he tried to kill her.

The Car Brittle Bank ran into a utility pole with Williams inside the passenger seat

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that the woman related to YANA that Brittlebank was driving her car on the lower East Coast Demerara when he accused her, of dating someone else and was not making time for her.

In September last, Lavina Williams went to the court and stated that she no longer wished to provide any evidence against Brittlebank in his prosecution for the savage beating he unleashed on her back in July where she blacked out several times and almost died.

In July of this year, Lavina Williams approached this publication to speak of the blows she has been receiving at the hands of Brittlebak from the time she met him. In July she spoke of her near-death experience after the abusive man unleashed a savage beating on her which started in her car and ended at the home they shared before he went into hiding.

With Brittlebank’s return, Lavina Williams has not only subjected herself to more blows but her children are again exposed to trauma and now injury. Brittlebank has been going even harder at the woman, from attempting to smash her side of the car into a utility pole, to beating her in public, on the streets, breaking up her home and its furnishing, damaging materials stored to open a small business and throwing a concrete block into the head of her son.

Head of YANA Melissa Atwell told this publication that the woman has indicated to her that she is totally ashamed to again be reaching out for help but that she needs her vehicle fixed. She reportedly further stated that the latest incidents were reported to the police who arrived and took a report and statement from her.

Lavina Williams, this publication understands, related that Brittlebank after crashing her side of the car into a pole, showed up at her workplace and demanded that they speak and that he wanted to have his relationship back.

The woman we were told said that during that same moment of him begging for a return to the relationship, her phone rank and she kept walking and answered her phone when her abuser walked up behind her, snatched the phone and began addressing the caller on the other end of the line with a series of expletives stating that the woman already has a man and that, that man is him.

He then followed her that day walking some distance behind her. We were told that Brittlebank scrambled the woman, tossed her to the ground and began beating and choking her and she began shouting for help. She then went into a bus and he joined the same bus, followed her home and began breaking up her home and furnishing and tossing concrete blocks into the house and through the windows.

According to what we were told, all of this took place after Williams ran into her home and locked her doors and told the children to lock the windows. Brittlebank attempted to get into the house but later successfully broke open the back door of the house with a hammer and began breaking up items in the home.

This latest development underscores the challenges many NGOs and persons who seek to help and shelter battered women are faced with as victims of abuse walk right back into the hands of their abusers which in many instances ends in death.

BIG Smith News Watch has been told that on each occasion that Brittlebank batters Williams, relatives of the man including his mother, would personally call and beg the abused woman to give her abusive son a second chance.

The act of returning to abusers also brings a challenge for law enforcement officers.