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Abused daughter constantly returned to arms of man who killed her mother

Abused daughter constantly returned to arms of man who killed her mother

A blurred image of the dead woman lying in her blood with stab wounds on a neighbor’s bridge 

FIFTY Six-year Old Velma Pickering who was knifed to death by the boyfriend of her daughter has over time ben trying to shield her daughter from the abusive man with whom her daughter lived on the East Bank Demerara.

The woman was killed this afternoon by the suspect who showed up at her house in search of the woman’s daughter who removed herself from his house a few days ago due to abuse she has been sustaining.

In a visit to the community of Vryheid’s Lust, residents recalled that the girlfriend of the man would constantly return to her mother’s house whenever the blows from the hands of her abuser become more than her, prior to this return to her mother’s house, the young lady had also returned home back in February after the man lash her to the head with a hammer.

We were told that each time the man abused the young lady and she returned to her mother’s home, he would show up and she would return to his arms and back into the abusive relationship with the man who is now responsible for her mother’s death.

This evening, we were told that Pickering was never in agreement with the relationship her daughter had with the young man who has proven himself to be a savage abuser.

Persons who are familiar with the treatment the woman’s daughter has been enduring recalled that today they heard the woman calling out for two her neighbors and when they looked out, she was standing with her arms wide open and indicating to them that she was stabbed by the boyfriend of her daughter.

As she walked out of her yard calling for help, the suspect loudly proclaimed that he would kill anyone who comes into the yard to the woman’s rescue, forcing a young man who lives close by to retreat out of fear of being attacked by the angry man.

Pickering then attempted to seek refuge at the home of one of her neighbors but collapsed on the bridge and died. By this time, the rest of the village was alerted and the suspect attempted to make good his escape on foot but was pursued by the residents.

He was then forced to seek refuge in the yard of a resident in a nearby village but not before a sound trashing with bricks, woods and other objects which the residents armed themselves with as they chased after him.

The police, however, arrived on the scene soon after and provided the man with some level of security from the angry residents who still advanced towards him with cutlasses, pitchforks, and other weapons.

Up to press time, daughter of the dead woman who shared a relationship with the man was providing the police with a statement into what she knows of the incident and how today’s gruesome incident came to be.

The suspect also remains in custody.