75 police officers to be trained in UG, GPF partnership

Seventy-five officers of the Guyana Police Force will be trained through a partnership with the University of Guyana to improve their instructional skills at police academies. The ‘Train the trainers’ course caters for instructors who train new recruits in a direct effort to improve the image of the force.

The course is a result of collaborative works between high-ranking officers of the Guyana Police Force and the University of Guyana. It was launched on Monday via an online ceremony.

Deputy Commissioner Administration (ag) Calvin Brutus during his address at the virtual ceremony said that the course followed an analysis report carried out on members of the force. The report he said, revealed that the quality of training provided to new recruits had declined.

The analysis also found that the current training does not provide sufficient information for police recruits to fully understand their duties and responsibilities. Brutus further added that the use of force is included in the training since the US State Department had advised on the improvement.

“As such some members of our force have been black listed by the US states department. Proper training will allow us to go beyond being blacklisted so that we can work in closer collaboration with the US Embassy” Brutus said.

The graduands of the course will be able to deliver the police curriculum effectively.

Speaking at the virtual ceremony Vice-Chancellor of the University of Guyana Professor Paloma Mohamed Martin lauded the effort of the force to foster improvements.

“The Force has been working to reform itself, led by itself but working in close collaboration with UG. Really and truly the force is taken a step in the right direction as they are working to train those to train them,” she said.

The course will be administered in three sections, namely Instructional Design, Instructional Delivery, and Assessments.