6th Annual Youth Parliament launched

Some 74 young people will be participating in this the 6th Annual Youth Parliament which was launched on Thursday.

“This event is going to be a memorable, indelible part of your life…it’s going to shape how you tackle the future,” Speaker of the House Manzoor Nadir said during its launch.

The Youth Parliament sessions play a critical role in ensuring that the opinions of the youth are vocalized and taken into consideration for the continuation of a democracy in Guyana, the Speaker said.

Nadir encouraged the youngsters to become involved in their respective communities, youth groups and in various leadership positions to play a role in improving the interests of their country. He explained that in this way, and specifically through their participation in Youth Parliament, they can be agents of change for themselves and ultimately their country.

“[I am] confident…[that] this exercise will assist in making you a very modelled citizen,” Nadir noted.

The opening ceremony was also graced with the presence of the new British High Commissioner to Guyana Jane Miller OBE., Minister of Human Services and Social Security Dr. Vindyha Persaud, Shadow Minister of home Affairs Geeta Chandan-Edmond, and Member of Parliament Ganesh Mahipaul.

Youth Parliamentarians will be afforded the opportunity of participating in capacity building sessions on leadership, public speaking, and presentations on Parliamentary standards.

The 6th Annual Parliament will be from August 12-19, 2021, in which two sittings will be held, separated in Junior and Senior categories. Motions to be debated range from the Reopening of Traditional Schools to the Liberalization of the Energy Sector.