Pay your rates and taxes – Re-elected Mayor

Mayor Ubraj Narine made a call for the urgent payment of rates and taxes so that several critical works can be done in the City. The Mayor made this call on Monday when he along with Alfred Mentore were re-elected as Mayor and Deputy Mayor respectively. Residences and businesses owe the council some $8 billion while the government owes more than $1 billion, “Transport and Harbour alone owes $400 million,” Narine told the meeting, “drains, alleyways and bridges can be cleaned,” if that money is paid he said. 

The Mayor also used his remarks to call for the establishment of a recycling plant as he said landfill is no longer the way to go and for a national solid waste management plan, “the way to do is clean up and green up,” he said. 

The elections of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor took place in the compound of City Hall as the council held one of its first meetings in recent times using the public health safety measures as the country battle the COVID-19 pandemic. Both Narine and Mentore were unopposed. Both Narine and Mentore were previously elected in 2019 and this would be their term consecutive term in those posts. Today too, following their election, members of the Finance Committee for the Georgetown Mayor and City Council were elected. These are Oscar Clerk, Alfred Mentore, Yvonne Ferguson, Clayton Hinds, Heston Bostwick and Ivelaw Henry. Clarke was elected Chairman of that committee and Henry, Vice chairman. Four councillors who represent the People’s Progressive Party were at today’s meeting but abstained from nominating anyone and voting.