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$60’000 bail for 25+ million worth of narcotics

$60'000 bail for 25+ million work of narcotics

Carlos Edwards(45 Yrs old at the time) being remanded to jail in 2017

52-Year-Old Carlos Edwards, of Stanleytown, New Amsterdam Berbice,  was on Tuesday granted his pre-trial liberty while appearing in the Mahaica Magistrate’s Court for possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.

On Friday last, the 52-year-old was busted with marijuana in his car which has a street value of more than GYD 25 million dollars. On Tuesday, he was granted bail in the sum of GYD 60’000. He appeared before Magistrate Marisa Mittelhozier and pleaded not guilty to the offense.

The court was told that on January 20 while at Helena No.1 Public Road Mahaica, East Coast Demerara, Carlos was found with narcotics in his car as it crashed while he was attempting to flee from the police.

The prosecution’s objections to Edwards being granted bail were overturned by the magistrate who noted that the court cannot complete the accused’s trial in a timely manner, hence his pre-trial liberty was granted.

But 52-Year-old Carlos Edwards is no stranger to marijuana in his trunk, driving away from the police and crashing in the process. Back in 2017, he was remanded to jail after he was found with 14 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle.

In that instant, he led the police on a high-speed chase along sheriff’s street when he crashed into another vehicle. Last week Friday, he was again leading the police on a chase when he crashed into a utility pole.

It is still left to be seen if Carlos will stop driving away from the police and just give up while he still can since fleeing from the police is not a skill he has been able to master.