$3.8M covered demolition, building of three bridges

Minister within the Ministry of Housing Susan Rodrigues is refuting claims that $3.8M was used by the Government to construct a single wooden bridge but instead three bridges at Section ‘B’ and Section ‘C’ Sophia, Georgetown.

The Minister in a statement on Wednesday noted that there has been another malicious attempt by opposition members and their activists to mislead the public and to shift focus from the Government’s development agenda, with the publication of photos and caption indicating that one bridge cost $3.8M.

She said the scope of works undertaken include; the demolition and removal of the existing dilapidated bridges, the construction of the three (3) new structures using strictly green heart timber: 6×8 piles, the installation of 6×8 walers, 2x 12 green heart decking, the cement casting of the abutments, and the installation of 4×4 columns along with 2×4 rails.

Minister Rodrigues said the state of the bridges was brought to her attention by the head teacher, teachers and parents of Bright Future’s daycare and preschool during another visit to the area.

“The condition of the bridges posed a serious threat to the safety of the children, and I promised to immediately remedy the situation. During my visit yesterday, the teachers, parents and community members expressed their satisfaction with the project and the urgency with which their matter was addressed.

I further wish to clarify, that in relation to the absence of the handrail, this was a direct request by members of the community who asked that we avoid placing those rails because it encourages loitering on the bridge, which is a nuisance for others using the bridges, especially women and children,” she said.

The Minister cautions members of the public not to fall prey to sensationalism, and deliberate attempts to disparage the work of the government. She said further, the public can be reassured that we will continue to work in communities across the country on development projects, no matter the size or scope, all geared towards enhancing lives and improving well-being.