28 COVID-19 related deaths in one week


Guyana has recorded twenty-eight COVID-19 deaths from October 01-08, according to the Ministry of Health. The total includes four persons who were partially vaccinated while 24 were unvaccinated against the virus.

The total number of deaths from the pandemic lies at 825 since March 11, 2020.

The Ministry has noted that all of the patients who have died were admitted with COVID-19 like symptoms but died while receiving care at a medical institution.

In addition to the 28 persons who died this month, the Ministry also recorded six additional deaths; those persons died in August and September but were not recorded as COVID-19 deaths. Samples were taken at the time of admission which subsequently returned positive tests.

The youngest patient to have died recently from the disease was a 38-year-old female who died on September 30 with the oldest being a 93-year-old female who died on October 06.

On Friday, October 08, the Ministry reported that 30 persons are in its COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) while 162 new cases of the disease were confirmed.

The details on the latest fatalities are below as released by the Ministry of Health from October 01-08, 2021:

Female84Demerara-MahaicaOctober 01Unvaccinated
Male49Demerara-MahaicaOctober 02Partially Vaccinated
Female89Pomeroon-SupenaamSeptember 29Unvaccinated
Female78Demerara-MahaicaOctober 01Unvaccinated
Male77Mahaica-BerbiceSeptember 24Unvaccinated
Female63Essequibo Islands-West DemeraraOctober 03Unvaccinated
Male52Demerara-MahaicaOctober 02Unvaccinated
Female72Demerara-MahaicaOctober 03Unvaccinated
Male67Demerara-MahaicaOctober 03Partially Vaccinated
Male48Essequibo Islands – West DemeraraOctober 04Unvaccinated
Female62 Demerara-MahaicaOctober 02Unvaccinated
Female48Demerara-MahaicaSeptember 27Unvaccinated
Male69Mahaica-BerbiceOctober 04Unvaccinated
Female74Demerara-MahaicaOctober 04Unvaccinated
Male66Essequibo Islands-West DemeraraOctober 04Unvaccinated
Male70Demerara-MahaicaOctober 04Unvaccinated
Male63Demerara-MahaicaOctober 01Unvaccinated
Male58Demerara-MahaicaOctober 01Unvaccinated
Female59Pomeroon-SupernaamAugust 26Unvaccinated
Female79Pomeroon-SupernaamAugust 29Unvaccinated
Female60Demerara-MahaicaOctober 05Unvaccinated
Female83Demerara-MahaicaOctober 05Unvaccinated
Female61Cuyuni-MazaruniOctober 05Unvaccinated
Male55Essequibo Islands-West DemeraraOctober 05Partially Vaccinated
Male52Demerara-MahaicaOctober 05Unvaccinated
Female88Demerara-MahaicaOctober 07Unvaccinated
Male80Demerara-MahaicaOctober 07Unvaccinated
Female56Demerara-MahaicaOctober 06Unvaccinated
Female72Demerara-MahaicaOctober 06Unvaccinated
Female93Upper Takutu-Upper EssequiboOctober 06Unvaccinated
Female80Upper Takutu-Upper EssequiboOctober 07Unvaccinated
Female70Demerara-MahaicaOctober 07Partially Vaccinated
Male65Demerara-MahaicaOctober 08Unknown
Female38Demerara-MahaicaSeptember 30Unvaccinated