24 year old and 61 year old among hundreds who received house lots in Berbice

An ecstatic 61 year old Sherry Ross received her land title on Tuesday. She would be one of more than 300 persons who received their titles during the Ministry of Housing’s Dream Realized Housing Drive held at the University of Guyana, Tain Campus in Region Six. Ross was awaiting her title for some 10 years, “When I get the call I was very surprised,” the recounted, “I’m happy that I was able to come and get my title. Nothing happens before time and I’m grateful because you know how nice it feels when you own your own piece of land; nobody have to come and tell you to move,” Ross said joyfully.

24 year- old  Dequan Hutson counts himself lucky for the opportunity to own his home at such a young age.
“I feel really good because I’m very young and I want to start a future and with this I will make the best of it,” Hutson said as he encouraged more  young persons to apply for their house lots.
33 year old Dennis Rajab who applied in 2009 for a lot was also granted his title, he told this publication he had to reapplied in 2014, “young people should apply and not hesitate because at sometime in their life they will want to start a family and it is something you will want to own when starting a family and when you have kids,” Rajab said encouragingly.
Varsha Leitch, a young teacher waited for almost over a decade for her title, she was thankful when we caught up with her, “when you check out the market price for lands it is very expensive and we’re happy that it finally came through,” the woman said.
In her address Minister within the Housing Ministry Susan Rodrigues reiterated the government’s commitment to delivering 50,000 house lots, however, distributing 3000 house lots before the end of 2020 was the Housing Ministry’s target. She noted that such a target within the first four months since the government took office as she said it has since surpassed that target by distributing 3,500 house lots thus far.

Minister Rodrigues also encouraged applicants to be patient, “If you use our track record of the past four months, you can see the efforts we have made so far and we want those persons who have not been called yet to receive their titles to know that ‘it is coming,” Rodrigues saidMeanwhile, Minister of Housing Collin Croal noted that a similar exercise would be held in  the areas of number 75 and 79 villages, Williamsburg, Hampshire and Fort Ordinance.