24-Y-O arrested for killing vagrant on Monday night

IN CUSTODY: 24 year old Devon Johnson

Less than five hours after the lifeless body of a vagrant whose name was given as โ€˜Samarooโ€™ was found in a pool of blood in front of Household Plus on Regent Street the detectives who are working on case were able to apprehend the suspect in the matter.Two vagrants murdered hours apart on Regent Street

24 Year old Devon Johnson who provided his address as 163 Cummings Street Bourda is presently in police custody after being picked up late last night.

Up to press time, it could not be confirmed if the man was able to provide the police with any useful information which may link him to the killing of yet another vagrant whose body was found a short distance along the same Regent Street early on Monday morning.โ€˜Sponge Bobbโ€™ found dead police investigation launched

However, police sources who are familiar with the probe have stated that from all indications, the suspect who was picked up on Monday night for the killing of โ€˜Samarooโ€™ appears to be having some mental problem.When he was picked up on Monday night he was found with a wound to one of the fingers on his right hand.

Last evening the police received a call from an unknown person who informed them that a man was seen stooping over another and inflicting stab wounds about his body.

The body of ‘Samaroo’ in a pool of blood on Monday night

When the police arrived on the scene, they found a man whose only name was given as โ€˜Samarooโ€™ lying in a pool of blood.

Initial investigations revealed that the โ€˜Samarooโ€™ who is said to be vagrant and who mostly is seen along Regent Street and Robb Street was lying on the pavement in the vicinity of Household Plus when he was attacked by someone with a knife who was only clad in dark colour shorts.

After he inflicted the injuries on โ€˜Samarooโ€™ he reportedly fled the scene via Cummings Street.

Based on an examination of the body of the deceased by the Emergency Medical Team who also pronounced the man dead on the spot, there were injuries to his chest, feet, hand and face.

The police are expected to run a number of cameras along Regent Street later today, Tuesday to see what useful footage if any, can be retrieve in order to assist them in solving these two murders which have taken place in just a matter of hours.