2022 Energy Conference: An opportunity for Guyana to exploiting the present, discuss the future

(At the head table (L-R), Alex Graham, Public Relations Adviser, Toshiba Logan, Marketing Coordinator, Angenie Abel, Interim CEO)

Guyana stands to benefit tremendously from the upcoming International Energy Conference which is slated to take place in February 2022 in Georgetown, Guyana.

The conference is being planned amidst a global health pandemic. But organisers feel the plans and logistics being put in place would determine whether persons attend virtually or in person.

Public Relations Adviser to the conference, Alex Graham explained that an in-person conference will also work out better than a virtual one as it gives and brings more substance and reality to the issues being discussed. he said too that delegates and players in the industry would get to place their technology and other tools of their trade on display.


Where Guyana is in terms of its oil and gas discoveries, where the rest of the world is going and where the world will be another few decades are some of the points that actually makes the International Energy Conference a win-win for the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.


For Guyana to be talking only about Oil and Gas given its recent discoveries while the rest of the world is moving away from Oil and Gas is a big risk and one that can land the country in a difficult position years down the line, suggested Alex Graham who spoke with BIG Smith News Watch on Tuesday.


“By 2050 it is going to be weird to use Oil and Gas while everyone else is talking about renewable energy and alternative sources of energy so we have to ensure that from now, we have an active conversation about the complete energy profile so that Guyana does not find itself scrambling in 20/30 years to get to renewable and alternative sources,” Graham said. 


This conference should also assist Guyana to find ways where it can continue to develop its resources economically with it’s Oil and Gas but the energy conversations need to also be started now before it’s too late.


Heads of government from around the region as well as other policy makers are expected at this event to share policy positions of their respective countries while the conversations on investment and development of the resources are also held.


Graham said the International Energy Conference will be providing an opportunity for both policy makers, heads of government and industry players to have discussions on the direction regional and other countries are going as to renewable and alternative sources of energy.


This, he said helps the industry players to know what is expected in a few years time across the region and so they are given enough time to make adjustments to their current operations and postures to adopt.


Graham said too the International Energy Conference will speak about renewable energy and all other alternative sources.


“We can be looking at how we exploit Oil and Gas while at the same time we are discussing renewables.  So, we are exploiting the present and discussing the future all at the same time its a great place for us to be,” Graham touted.


 The International Energy Conference was launched on Tuesday and will run February 15-18 2022 at the Arthur Chung Convention Center in Georgetown Guyana.